Naruto Quiz

Do you know the Naruto series? If you answer the questions correctly about this series, you you will get rewarded. Make sure you don’t get too many questions wrong or you’ll be sent back the the beginning. Win and you get the password to see all the naked girls. You can play here: Naruto Quiz

Bad Santa

Santa Claus loves to go clubbing, and the reason is, Santa loves the pussy! He starts off his club rounds by fucking some hot chicks. He then moves on to getting his cock sucked. He finishes his fun by coming in one girl’s mouth after she blows him, he then comes in another girl after […]

Map Strip

This game is a test of knowledge. You get to see how well you know the world, and you are rewarded by seeing your sexy teacher strip off her bra and panties for you. If you enjoy naked girls and a challenge, and you’ve always wanted to see your sexy teacher naked, Try this game! […]